Asian Labour Review is annual journal concerning labour in Asia. It is a response to the increasing demand among activists, students, academics, policy makers and international communities for more inclusive and comprehensive understanding of the far-changing living and working conditions of people in Asia, of the collective endeavours by the people to improve such conditions, and of the implication of this contested process on overall social, political and economic development in Asia.

In Asian Labour Review, labour is not considered merely as jobs for living, nor is it presented as a mere input or factor of production to be effectively mobilised for a more affluent world. Instead, labour is a vehicle and perspective to think and theorise around other issues such as rural development, migration, and industrial relations. In doing so, we are using labour as the entry point to understanding production and reproduction of our society as a whole.

Asian Labour Review is prepared to provide a forum for a new generation of labour researchers who are willing to work with ground movements and be part of it. We are pleased to offer an outlet to make a stronger network of new generation of activists and academics working on labour in Asia.

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  • Call for paper


    Asian Labour Review welcomes submissions producing critical analyses and theorisation of the following:

    • Relation between labour, capitalism and contemporary development in Asia
    • Politics of the international / regional patterns of production and their impact on different classes of labour
    • Different ways in which work and employment are experienced in different geographical domains by different social groups in Asia
    • International and national labour policies that affect the livelihoods of workers in Asia
    • Individual and collective actions taken by and for workers by workers and local/national/regional/international labour and social movement organisations
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