Call for paper


Asian Labour Review welcomes submissions producing critical analyses and theorisation of the following:

  • Relation between labour, capitalism and contemporary development in Asia
  • Politics of the international / regional patterns of production and their impact on different classes of labour
  • Different ways in which work and employment are experienced in different geographical domains by different social groups in Asia
  • International and national labour policies that affect the livelihoods of workers in Asia
  • Individual and collective actions taken by and for workers by workers and local/national/regional/international labour and social movement organisations

We welcome articles that cut across rigorous theoretical thinking, analytical insights and reality-reflecting labour researches. Articles need to contain original pieces of theoretical and/or empirical works and should not exceed 10,000 words, including bibliographies.

We also publish Reviews of books or analyses of labour in other formats, such as film. Reviews should not exceed 2,000 words for a single-authored volume, 3,000 words for an edited volume, and 4,000 words for a review of two or more volumes. More seminal works, both theoretical and empirical, that are believed to need close attention due to their potential contribution to the critical inquiry on broad issues of Asian labour can be submitted as Notes that is between 2,000 and 4,000 words.